Jasen Mikhailov, Ing. B. Mikhailov, Ing.Sasho Radev,St.n.s Dr. Ing.Venelin Novakov

VSU"Luben Karavelov"

Abstract: The project is to develop electromagnetic bird,insect land guard unit for :Safety in land environment and airport security.Personal safety with mobile unit.Protection for production of plainting resourses against birds and insects.

Key words: System, Arable, Insect, Security, Axles, Birds, Protection, mosquitoes, devices, Personal, Airports, crops, gardens, villas, houses, vineyards, protection, security, impact, crows, blackbirds, hematophagous, Alerts, bees, insects, agricultural, Broadcast, Attacks, Health, Safety, Web, Theaters, Cinemas, Mall, shopping malls, Security, prevention, harmful insects, starlings, Flying

"Beautiful Bulgaria" - this project received popularity in recent years. Byaha restored facades of cultural and religious buildings. And to be specific, we will look already achieved restoration plan of the NT "Ivan Vazov". The plan was financed by three international programs. It included events and the promotion of HT as a cultural monument of European importance through its continued broadcasting on the internet with a webcam.
Today the camera, like any other in Bulgaria does not work. This particular bear kampaniynost damage the image of Bulgaria and the entire community of eminent Bulgarian architects and engineers have put their work on conservation and created by our ancestors. It is a feasibility study for building protection from birds. It is made by scientists from the Institute of Zoology, BAS, but a real defense and not enough. Another example is the message of the BNT 18/10/2009. War on pigeons in Targovishte historians said. The reason - the birds destroyed 146 year old monument. Their refuge is the roof of Slaveikov school, whose building is unique and rare for Bulgaria in the Renaissance

1 Jasen Mikhailov, jmikhailov@vsu.bg
2 Ing. B. Mikhailov, bmikhailov@pcwork-bg.com