Functional description :

The project is to develop electromagnetic bird,insect land guard unit for :

1. Safety in land environment and airport security.

2. Personal safety with mobile unit.

3. Protection for production of plainting resourses against birds and insects. Technical's characteristics :

- Safety square for one unit 40-50 m2/by 40m dipoly /or 4m2 by personal unit with in dipol.

- Effects of safety 90-95 %;

- Antenna's power

- 1/10(-6) w(nonampified) in nonact for human's health fragvency's range.

- noneffects for the work on electronic's system;

- Compact's unit with power of 3V/or 9V with adapter/,by use in variety with batter-power /2 Х 1,5 V,/ to work up 240 H.

- Non effects for the work on electronic's system. Developed as mobile and stand-anlone units : - Standby-adapter with buildin's unit .

- Personnal unit with battery power / 3 V.